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Preparing Your Vehicle For The Winter

How You Can Get Ready

Winters in Georgia are not nearly as harsh as other states up north. Although we may not experience three feet of snow, we do experience the occasional snowfall. In these situations, it’s important for you to prepare your vehicle for it. We understand that it may be easy to overlook, but nothing is more frustrating and time-consuming than having to get your broken down vehicle out of the snowy or icy roads. To avoid that, make sure you follow these winter prep tips by Rocco’s European Garage!

Inspect/Replace Your Tires

Although winter tires won’t be necessary for us, it’s still important to understand the condition of your tires. Make sure to inspect the tire treads and PSI, as they’ll be good indicators of how your tire is doing. If the PSI is low, make sure you fill it up to the recommended PSI level, which can be found in your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guide. For the tire tread, if you notice that it is thin or your tire is completely bald, it’s time to replace the tires. The reduced traction will wreak havoc on your vehicle, especially if you’re driving over snow, ice, or even rain.

Check The Battery

Out of the variety of components found in your vehicle, the battery may be what struggles the most during the winter. A lot of its capacity is reduced in the winter, so it’s good to understand its current condition. Have one of our technicians take a look at it for you! They’ll be able to give you a good indicator of its status and whether it can make it through the winter or if it needs to be replaced. Although it can be pricey, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with a vehicle failing to start because of a dead battery.

Check The Fluid Levels

When checking the fluid, you want to inspect two things -- the coolant and motor oil. It’s important to fill your vehicle with the proper coolant , as the wrong fluid could end up freezing your radiator. As for the motor oil , you may want to consider switching to a thinner oil as it will have a lower chance of freezing in colder temperatures. Make sure you consult your vehicle manufacturer’s guide or one of our technicians to help give you the best options for your vehicle!

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