Should You Buy From Big Brands? | East Cobb, GA | Rocco’s European Garage

Brand Power in Auto Repair

It Pays to Buy the Best

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between big brand motor oil and something more generic? Maybe you need brake repair and are doing research into possible parts replacements and notice huge differences in cost. Tire replacement, auto paint, engine parts -- the list goes on and on. There are major brands in the industry offering all kinds of parts for vehicle repairs. But are they worth the investment?

Brand Matters

You may not be someone who particularly cares about the brand of clothing you wear or food you eat. But when it comes to your vehicle, brand-specific parts really matter. Not all car parts are created equal and with such an important job to do, you want to make sure you get the best parts for your import vehicle’s repairs. At Rocco’s European Garage in East Cobb, Georgia, we understand the importance of manufacturer-grade parts and original equipment. If your car needs new brakes, you don’t want to swap on just anything and see decreased performance. Those who drive luxury European vehicles know just how important high-quality parts are to high-end performance vehicles. That’s why they trust the industry’s top brands to deliver reliable products.

Quality Matters

In the auto repair industry, most big brands have demonstrated that their products meet standards for quality. Industry professionals, including our technicians, know when corners are cut and can tell when something doesn’t meet the standards for use on foreign cars. Top competitors understand that they need to put the best products out there if they want professionals to trust them. Our experienced technicians understand what quality means in the auto repair industry. They can tell you whether or not an aftermarket part will hurt your vehicle’s performance or efficiency, if you can change up the motor oil, or if you should continue paying for synthetic (spoiler alert: you need to keep using the good stuff!). We know the industry’s top brands well and can tell you where your investment will get you the most for your vehicle.

You Matter!

Want to know more about the products and parts that we use in our garage? Reach out to us for more information! Rocco’s European Garage in East Cobb, Georgia strives to be transparent with our customers. Mostly, we just love talking shop with you! We would be happy to share what we know about the industry and how certain brands will get you better a bang for your buck. Let’s talk more today!

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