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VW Driver’s Quiz

Did You Know This About Your Car?

Attention Volkswagen drivers! Do you know everything about your car, its history, and who made it? Test yourself with this quiz made by the team at Rocco’s European Garage in Atlanta, Georgia for VW fanatics!

Quiz Yourself!

  1. What Does ‘Volkswagen’ Mean?
  2. The word ‘Volkswagen’ translates from German to mean “People’s Car,” a fitting title for the brand that created one of the most mass-produced vehicles in history.

  3. How Did VW Start?
  4. The idea for the ‘People’s Car’ came from Adolf Hitler in an effort to create a family vehicle through an affordable savings scheme. The result? The timeless VW Beetle! During the Nazi regime, no one who purchased the vehicle actually received it.

  5. What Popular VW Model is Among the Most Mass-Produced in History?
  6. Think you know which VW model has been the most popular throughout history? It’s not the Passat, Jetta, or Golf. It’s the Beetle! In 1950, it became the best-selling car of the decade, holding around 40% of the market. It was the most built VW until the Golf won out in 2002.

  7. What Other Manufactures Use VW bases for Their Cars?
  8. There are a number of other vehicle manufacturers that look to Volkswagen for vehicle bases -- Audi, Seat, and Skoda. It’s not surprising if you know that VW actually owns these companies.

  9. Who Makes the Fastest Car on Earth?
  10. If you said Bugatti, you aren’t wrong. But technically VW is the team behind the Veyron, which is badged under ‘Bugatti’ and owned by Volkswagen. The company takes a loss of $5 million on every Veyron sold because the cars cost more to make than the price at which they are sold!

  11. What Was the First Hot Hatch?
  12. If you said the Golf GTI, you are like many mistaken individuals. The Renault 5 Gordini is, in fact, the first hot hatch.

  13. For What Are Today’s Major VW Models Named?
  14. Wind currents!

    • Jetta = Jet Stream
    • Golf = Gulf
    • Passat = Trade Winds

How did you do on the test? Is there a fact that stumped you? Share your results with the team at Rocco’s European Garage in Atlanta, Georgia. We want to hear how you did!

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