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The Most Common Volkswagen Problems

Does Your VW Have This Problem?

There are lots of reasons to get a Volkswagen, including their relatively easy and affordable maintenance. Like all other vehicles, Volkswagens aren’t without their own share of faults, which potential buyers might be interested in. It isn’t a guarantee that your VW will develop these problems, especially if you keep up with routine maintenance at Rocco’s European Garage in East Cobb, Atlanta, but this list can give you an idea of what you might be in for.

Timing Belt

Like most European cars, Volkswagens are designed to last. With good care, you could be driving your VW for well over 100,000 miles. Along the way, you might run into a few auto repairs, including timing belt replacement -- a common repair in aging VWs. Depending on your vehicle’s age and condition, you might also need to replace the water pump, tensioner, and rollers, as it’s best to handle these repairs at the same time.

Oil Leaks

If you don’t keep up with a routine oil change schedule, your VW might be susceptible to oil leaks. Weakened components and moisture form in the engine cause sludge to build up, creating the potential for leaks. Driving in extreme climates and stop-and-go traffic can also create conditions for leaks. VWs are susceptible to clogged crankcases, bad gaskets, seals, plugs, and more in these conditions.


Volkswagen’s cooling systems hold a small amount of coolant, making them prone to overheating. If your VW overheats, it might be because of a failing coolant reservoir or radiator. Regardless of the cause, be sure to have repairs done promptly and inspect coolant parts regularly to avoid further issues.

Suspension Issues

Some Volkswagens have been known to have faulty ball joints. That can lead to strange sounds while turning, like squeaking, clunking, or clicking. These components rotate with the steering wheel to absorb the up-down movement of the vehicle, making them important to everyday use. It’s a good idea to check control arms, hinges, and brake parts if your car has suspension problems.

Does your Volkswagen have one of these common problems? Visit Rocco’s European Garage in East Cobb, Georgia for expert repairs!

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