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How Maintenance Prevents Auto Repairs

And Is It Worth the Cost?

If you purchase a car, you want to get the most out of it for as long as possible. Dealing with costly auto repairs is stressful and sometimes overwhelming. While some repairs are unavoidable and it’s encouraged to have a budget for these unexpected cases, most auto repairs are preventable with routine maintenance. Rocco’s European Garage wants drivers in our community to understand how maintenance can prevent costly auto repairs.

What Is Maintenance?

When we say maintenance, we’re talking about the minor services your car needs to continue performing its best. This includes oil changes, wheel alignment, brake repair, and so on. Without these minor services, your car would quickly degrade. That’s because it wasn’t designed to never need professional attention. The engine needs protection and motor oil doesn’t last forever. Brakes should be fully functional for your safety, but brake pads eventually wear out. Your car is constantly undergoing wear and tear. Maintenance helps you stay ahead of any problems that could result from normal use.

Why It Works

Maintenance services protect systems from ever reaching a point of serious degradation. That means they shouldn’t ever need extensive repairs. Changing the oil regularly prevents sludge build up that slows down the flow of motor oil, causes overheating, and damages engine parts. By ensuring your car never runs on old, dirty oil, you avoid any complications that might result from that. Once you let the condition of your vehicle’s systems drop, it takes a lot of effort and money to recover. Maintenance is a way to never let your car develop serious problems.

Is it Worth The Cost?

People who have owned their car for a long time know that it can be expensive. Vehicle maintenance costs can add up over time, but do they ever outweigh expensive auto repairs? Simply put, no. You’ll always be glad you opted for the $50 oil change (some cost even less) instead of handling an unplanned engine failure that could cost up to $4,000. Maintenance services protect the value of your investment by never letting the condition of your car drop. Not to mention the time and stress that you save by preventing huge auto repairs!

Need help managing the maintenance services for your vehicle? Ask the experts at Rocco’s European Garage in Atlanta, Georgia for more information!

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