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Mercedes Facts

From The First Automobile To The Most Modern

Whether you're an expert in everything Mercedes or curious to learn more about your new favorite vehicle, here are some interesting facts about Mercedes-Benz. Find out everything you've wanted to know and learn where you can go for quality Mercedes repair services in North Marietta, GA, today.

History of Mercedes-Benz

Starting in 1886, Karl Benz invented the Motorwagen, which was the first modern automobile. His wife, Bertha Ringer Benz, funded his work. As one of the primary test drivers, Bertha Benz rode 130 miles in a round trip adventure with her son. After inventing the automobile, Karl Benz also made history by becoming the first individual to have a driver's license.

As the company grew, it created the iconic logo of today's Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The signature star represents land, air, and water. A fourth-star point was briefly discussed, which would represent space, but it was turned down. As the company grew, Mercedes hired Emil Jellinek, a premier automobile entrepreneur, who added Mercedes to the company name in 1901 in honor of his daughter. The name Mercedes-Benz has continued to stand for the highest quality in Europe and around the world.

Mercedes Around the World

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are manufactured all around the world in 30 countries. The first car in Nepal was a Mercedes-Benz, given as a gift to the king in 1940. They are popular as race cars around the world and were the first manufacturer to include brakes on all four wheels in 1924. Where to Receive Quality Mercedes Repairs in North Marietta Today's Mercedes-Benz vehicles are a premier option for all types of drivers. Whether you're the proud owner of this year's sports cars or you're driving a classic, keep up on your Mercedes repair and maintenance services to avoid a costly breakdown.

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