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Financing Your Emergency Auto Repairs

Handling Unplanned Car Problems

When you need an auto repair, you can’t wait for your next paycheck. Find out how you can afford your next auto repair and preventative maintenance services without draining your savings or waiting for more cash. If you need a short-term financing option in Atlanta, Georgia, turn to a quality auto repair shop with available financing options.

Emergency Parts and Repairs

An emergency breakdown requires a significant upfront cost. Most car owners can’t wait weeks until they can pay for repairs but need to restore their vehicles quickly. By using credit to purchase parts and pay for repair services, you can continue to use your vehicle with little downtime. Don’t leave your sports car or other luxury vehicle parked in your garage or driveway because of repairable damage.

Some major repairs are affordable, while others are a significant investment. Your vehicle’s engine and transmission systems require specialized parts and extensive time by qualified technicians. If you’re unsure how to pay for an emergency repair or looking for ways to keep cash in your account, consider financing your auto repairs.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance tasks are especially important to handle immediately. While an oil change, new tires or a new air filter may not seem as important as emergency auto repair services, a small investment today can prevent a significant repair cost later.

An affordable oil change for less than $50 can save you hundreds of dollars by preventing engine damage. Similarly, rotating and aligning your tires can prevent a blown tire. Ask a trusted mechanic about financing and alternative payment options to defer the cost while still enjoying timely maintenance.

Choose an Affordable Financing Option

European imports require specialized care for long-lasting performance. Don’t take your Jaguar, Audi, BMW, or other import to just any shop, but find a local, specialized auto shop. Ask about certifications and choose a shop that can provide factory-scheduled maintenance while keeping your manufacturer warranty valid.

At Rocco’s European Garage, we specialize in reliable maintenance and prompt repair services for all European imports. Apply for financing or contact us today to discuss your payment options, receive an estimate and discover how you can enjoy quality repairs by certified technicians in Atlanta, Georgia.

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