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Fascinating Facts About Volkswagen

Did You Know?

Whether you are the proud owner of a Volkswagen vehicle or just a fan of the company, there are many facets of the German car manufacturer to appreciate. Here are a few fun facts about this company from the Volkswagen repair team at Rocco's European Garage in East Cobb, Marietta, Georgia.

Volkswagen is a Luxury Vehicle Powerhouse

The reach of Volkswagen goes far beyond its own vehicles. The German automaker owns other luxury brands, including Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini. It owns a number of other car companies, as well.

The Company is Hugely Successful

Volkswagen is more than just a popular auto manufacturer - it is the most popular one. The company was the top-selling car manufacturer in the world as of 2015. It also accounted for one out of every ten vehicles sold worldwide as of 2014.

The Beetle Defined the 20th Century

It is highly unlikely that you haven't heard of the Volkswagen Beetle. It was one of the best-selling cars during the entire 20th century. Over 21.5 million Beetles were sold throughout that time.

The Company Has Surprising Origins

You may know that Volkswagen was founded in Germany. What may surprise even the most well-read of World War II history buffs is that the company was created in 1937 by Adolf Hitler. He even created a city, so the company's workers and factory could be housed somewhere.

Volkswagen is Great For Workers

If you are ever in the market for a job, Volkswagen may be the company you want to apply for. It is one of the world's largest employers. It employed around 600,000 workers worldwide as of 2015.

Germans Love The Volkswagen Brand

Since Volkswagen was founded in Germany, it makes sense that the company is a huge success there. It accounts for more than one-third of every vehicle sold in the European country.

Dedicated Volkswagen Repair

Does your beautiful vehicle require professional Volkswagen repair services? At Rocco's European Garage in East Cobb, we treat every customer like a member of our family and ensure that each and every vehicle is treated with care. You can use our simple online appointment scheduling tool to book your appointment today.

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