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Rocco’s Relief for COVID-19

Rocco's Relief: 20-20 in 2020

You’re hearing it everywhere – “We’re all in this together.” But what does that really mean? Not only is every person in the world, let alone our community, going through all that comes with this pandemic – fear, financial and personal loss, loneliness, worry – but we are also together in hope. Hope that our precautions and ever-evolving policies are helping to stop the spread of this virus, especially to our elderly and immunocompromised loved ones. That is why Rocco’s European Garage is offering Rocco’s Relief – 20-20 in 2020. Every job, no matter how large or small, is receiving 20% off parts & labor and free vehicle pick-up & delivery within a 20-mile radius of any of our 3 locations

And to all medical personnel and first responders:  we are offering a 30% discount in our effort to say “THANK YOU!”

You can listen to Rocco discuss these offers when he spoke with the Tad and Drex Show on B98.5 FM.

During the process we will perform 100% contactless transactions and we will sanitize your vehicle to the best of our ability before returning it to you. 

Being a family owned & operated business, we understand the value of safety & trust and that is why we put together our Rocco’s Relief program. Prior to Covid-19, your safety was always a top priority at Rocco’s. Now, we want you to know that you can trust us to continue providing the excellent quality of work and customer service you have grown accustomed to while still taking extra precautions to ensure you and our wonderful staff are protected at all times. 

Shop Happenings

We thought you might like to know some of the changes we have made inside the shop:

  1. Gloves galore: we were able to score extra gloves from our suppliers, so we are fully equipped to keep the interior of your vehicle germ-free while performing a diagnosis or completing an interior service or repair. New gloves are being used each time a technician enters your vehicle, even if they get out to quickly grab a tool or scanner.
  2. Face masks: We have personalized masks sporting the Rocco’s logo - how cool is that?? They were graciously made by the wife of Team Rocco’s stellar Service Manager Brian at our Roswell Road location.
  3. Social Distancing, of course: Our Service Managers are actively watching our staff like a hawk to ensure they are keeping 6 feet apart. In usual times, our techs would consult with each other, or lend a helping hand, so it has been an adjustment for them, but we are getting it done – no exceptions! Lunches that used to be had together in our break rooms are now separate and lonely, but safer without germs being exchanged around a small room! 
  4. Multi-use after-hours drop box: Rocco’s offers after-hours drop-off service during normal times utilizing a drop box which allows our customers to safely deposit their keys inside our facility and leave their vehicle with us after hours. These drop boxes have been re-purposed for contactless transaction use by allowing you to drop in not only your keys, but your method of payment as well! That is, if you opt-out of our online payment option where you can pay from home. 
  5. Locked doors: our waiting areas are currently closed for your protection and ours. They are small spaces! We miss seeing you and chatting while you wait for your service to be completed but safety comes first. 
  6. Music: we have always had good tunes flowing and that hasn’t changed one bit. 

The Rocco’s team is wishing you all the best during these uncertain times. Never hesitate to call, text, or email if you need us for anything, we are here for you. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay hopeful! 



Written by Developer Autoshop