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Tips to Take Care of Your Jaguar

Inside & Out

Rocco's European Garage in North Marietta, Georgia, understands the pride you feel as the owner of a beautiful Jaguar. That's why we've gathered some maintenance advice to help you know when your vehicle needs Jaguar repair or maintenance. Here are three of the most important tips you should remember.

1. Find a Specialty Jaguar Repair Shop

Jaguars are special cars that require specialized professional care. Customer reviews and company websites can help you determine if a car repair shop has staff members who are highly experienced and are knowledgeable about Jaguar repair needs.

2. Take Care of Your Car's Interior

You probably benefit from your Jaguar's uniquely luxurious interior each and every day. You can keep it beautiful by moisturizing and cleaning its leather surfaces. You can also apply a sun protectant to its steering wheel, dash and seats to keep your Jaguar looking shiny and new. If you are having a hard time keeping up with interior cleaning or feel that a professional detailer can do a better job, you can schedule detailing appointments as part of your overall maintenance plan.

3. Understand Your Jaguar's Maintenance Schedule

Jaguars have unique maintenance needs that you should follow. Here are some basic guidelines to help you stay in line with your car's requirements:

  • Get vital components checked every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Some examples include belts, hoses, tires, and fluids. This is also the standard time to have your oil changed.
  • Remember that your oil may need to be changed more or less often than recommended based on your driving habits.
  • When 15,000 miles or one year has passed, you will need even more items checked on your Jaguar. These included the AC and heat systems, the air filter, emergency breaks, engine mounts, and alignment, to name a few examples.
  • Never go more than one year between service appointments. Your Jaguar has likely been through a wide variety of driving conditions in this time that require it to be inspected and possibly repaired.

Are you ready to schedule Jaguar repair or maintenance? Rocco's European Garage is ready to help by utilizing our extensive experience with European cars. You can contact us for service appointments at our North Marietta location online.

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