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When do you Stop Repairing Your Vehicle and Replace it Instead?

When the time between your visits to the auto repair shop gets shorter and shorter, you may start thinking about replacing your vehicle rather than maintaining it. Maybe you start doing all sorts of calculations in your head about the cost of repairs versus the big expense of buying a new vehicle. The answer depends on the age of the car, how it’s been driven, how it’s been maintained, and, obviously, your needs as a driver. To help you with this conundrum, our technicians at Rocco’s European Garage have put together some information about the types of repairs required for high-mileage vehicles.

Inconsistent Repairs

Very few car owners maintain sterling repair records for their vehicles, let alone maintain a strict preventative maintenance schedule as recommended. Life’s too busy, and it slips our minds...until something goes wrong. If you haven’t kept up with your vehicle in its early life, it will prove more problematic as the miles add on.

Recurring Issues

If you feel like your vehicle has the same issue repeatedly, that means it didn't get fixed properly the first time. A distracted or rushed technician will sometimes fix one problem, without recognizing that it comes from a bigger flaw in the vehicle. The benefit of maintaining a relationship with your repair shop is that they keep a record of your repairs and get to know both you and your vehicle’s history. If a repair arises more than once, a good technician will know to delve deeper to make sure it’s fixed correctly and at the source.

Severe Issues

The deciding factor for most vehicle owners isn’t ongoing maintenance, but a big repair or restoration after a collision. You should ask your technician pre-repair what you can expect from your vehicle post-repair. “How will the repair affect the safety rating of my vehicle?” “Will the repair and parts require any special maintenance schedule going forward?” “Does this brand of vehicle ever really recover from the type of repair that is required right now?”

Even if you are uncertain walking into the auto shop, a good technician and an exceptional team will answer all of your questions and ease your mind during this decision. In North Marietta, Georgia, you can find such technicians at Rocco’s European Garage where we specialize in Imports, ongoing maintenance, and complex repairs. If you are looking around for a new vehicle, we would be happy to answer your questions about what brands make vehicles known for long-life and infrequent repairs.

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