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Who’s Who? A List of the top Volkswagen Models

Top Volkswagen Models of All Time!

Volkswagen makes some of the most visually memorable vehicles on the road and have done so for their entire manufacturing history. Few people can pass a VW Beetle without smiling or a VW Bus without making a peace sign. However, there are a few models that don’t receive the recognition they deserve as the solid, reliable vehicle siblings of the more fanciful Beetle. Here are 8 Volkswagen models you may or may not have heard of that show just how wide a range of vehicles this manufacturer has created:

  1. Beetle: Warned you!  The most iconic Volkswagen, the Beetle, gets all of the attention.  After its heyday in the 1960's, VW regrouped, reworked, and produced a modernized version of the Beetle in 2000 that invokes all of the whimsy of the original with the advancements of up-to-date technology.
  2. Golf R32:  One of the more speedy options, the Golf R32 tops out at 155 mph and has found a place in the drag racing community.
  3. Scirocco: With body styling that places it squarely within the raucous 1980's, the Scirocco attained a dedicated following for its light body which required one of the smaller engines VW produced. 
  4. GTi:  For drivers who prioritize mileage and minimal environmental impact, the GTi boasts up to 35 mpg on the highway while still attaining 228 horsepower!
  5. Corrado:  Following on the popularity of the Scirocco, the Corrado is a sportier coupe with engines up to 3 liters, though vehicle production lasted less than a decade.
  6. Passat: The Jetta's big brother, the Passat was introduced in 1972 as VW's family vehicle.  The Passat is often top of the industry for safety, fuel economy, and comfort.
  7. Phaeton:  Seeing the success of luxury vehicles like Mercedes, VW developed the Phaeton as their top-of-the-line (and then some) vehicle.  In this cabin, VW focused on the luxuries you expect from a higher-priced vehicle.
  8. Touareg:  In order to break into the SUV market, Volkswagen developed the Touareg and incorporated the same luxury appointments you would expect from luxury models.  It seems VW priced themselves out of the market, however, as the Touareg has since been overshadowed by the more affordable VW Atlas.

If you hadn’t heard of each of those Volkswagen models, there are still more out there that are feats of engineering and some that fall short of VW exceptional standards. Volkswagen engineers are always innovating and we can’t wait to see what new models will roll through our East Cobb, Georgia shop. If you currently have a VW and have any concerns about its maintenance, repairs or heritage, Rocco's European Garage can help! Schedule an appointment online today!

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