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At the Ready: What Can You Do For Your Vehicle Post Quarantine?

Why you Should Prioritize Auto Repairs Right Now

This is an unprecedented time for our country and our citizens who are usually very active and adventurous have been staying inside to try and curb this pandemic.  Almost without exception, America's vehicles have been left idle in garages, parking spaces, and driveways.  At best they have been used sparingly when they are used to being driven on a daily basis!  This change in routine could have a negative effect on your vehicle and its mechanics.  We have 3 tips that will keep your vehicle road-ready as we come out this:

Air Conditioning

One of the systems that can stagnate easily is air conditioning.  Not only does it cool the air, but it also reduces the humidity, which can sometimes be trapped in the system.  If that condensation is left in the system without being flushed for a few days, mildew could begin to form, and you will notice a distinct earthy smell the next time you turn on the A/C.  

Tire Pressure

When your vehicle is in regular use, the tires heat and cool with each journey and it's difficult to get a consistent read on your tire pressure.  If your vehicle is not being used as frequently as it has been, take a moment once a week to do a visual check on your tire pressure.  Even a small leak, if left unattended will show visible deflation. 

Preventative Maintenance

If you can remember back to when our lives were all hustle, out and about, you may not have made the effort for vehicle maintenance when you didn't have the time to spare.  If you do have extra time to spare, now is the perfect opportunity to get a professional technician to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle with state-of-the-art equipment.  Auto repair shops have remained open with new COVID-19 precautions in place.

For our part, Rocco's European Garage has taken steps to serve our customers by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and limiting contact with our customers by accepting online payments.  Call any of our locations in Buckhead, East Cobb, or North Marietta to set up an appointment today!

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