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BMW Z8: The Connoisseur’s Car

BMW Z8: The $200,000 Car...or Is It?

A car collector's favorite, and some say BMW's best-known model, the Z8 is an unusual vehicle for its style, performance, and popularity.  How popular?  Pierce Brosnan drove a Z8 in several scenes in The World is Not Enough before the vehicle was unceremoniously cut in half by a helicopter.  Though James Bond's Z8 included many aftermarket upgrades by MI-6, the model available to civilians still offers Hollywood style, technology, and luxury.  We took a look at some of the more outstanding features (and flaws) of the Z8 to see if this vehicle lives up to all the hype!


The Z8 was produced from 2000-2003.  Only 5,703 were ever made and only half of those made it to the United States.  Few cars with such low production numbers attain such notoriety.  The Z8 is also exceptional because it increases in value each year.  Properly maintained, a Z8 could cost up upwards of $200,000, and that's if you can find one!


Though BMW used the engine from its own M5, because the Z8 is 500 lbs. lighter, it can eke more out of the 400 horsepower it produces.  This car will take you from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds!  For ease in acceleration, the designers worked to ensure the progressive clutch works effortlessly with the finely tuned gearbox to accomplish smooth shifting.


In an unusual move for BMW, the Z8's interior draws inspiration from retro cars.  The designers painted the plastic dashboard to emulate the steel dashboards of the mid-20th century.  Little touches throughout the cabin add to the feeling of attention, like every detail was poured over by BMW engineers.

Any list of pros should always be countered with a few cons.  Luckily, with the Z8, there are few indeed.  Owners have mentioned issues with the vehicle's subframe and the reliability of the Vanos engine.  As with all European Imports, finding and maintaining a relationship with a specialized mechanic can make the difference for a long life for your vehicle, and the Z8 follows that rule.

Do you think the Z8 is worth the hype and consistent increase in value?  Are you among the lucky few who own a Z8?  The experts at Rocco's European Garage in North Marietta, Georgia, can help you maintain that six-figure price tag! 

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