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Essential Porsche Maintenance Tips

Easy But Important to Check Services

Porsche repair and maintenance are essential to keeping your investment in good condition. Just like any valuable item, a car is going to have a minimum cost to maintain it. Investing in your car with preventative maintenance can give you better results later on. In the pursuit of keeping your Porsche in good condition as long as possible, there are a few services you should perform or have done at a shop to prolong the health of your vehicle.

Optimizing the Engine

Without a doubt, the most important part of your vehicle is the engine, so the first essential maintenance tip involves your engine. There are many different components in the engine but also many that affect how it works. Low tire pressure can cause an engine to overwork, old oil can cause an engine to overheat, and dirty filters can restrict air flow to your engine. These are some of the easiest maintenance services to check and to perform repairs for, but have some of the greatest effects for prolonging your vehicle’s life.

You can press on the smooth part of your tires, and if there isn’t much resistance, they may need more air. If you can barely press on them because there’s too much resistance, it could also be a problem, so don’t put too much air in your tires. Checking the oil is simple in a new Porsche because there is a dashboard oil level which can be checked. With older models you have to first make sure your car is leveled and then determine whether you want to do a cold or hot oil check. Most cars will be cold checked by waiting for it to be off for a few hours. Take the dipstick out and clean it off, then put it back in all the way and then take it out one last time to check. If the indicator shows it is low, you can add new oil to the old oil so long as they are the same weight and thus will mix.

Safety First

The most important thing is your safety in a Porsche, or in any vehicle. The essential checks for ensuring your safety include the brakes, the seat belts, and the lights. You can tell if the brakes are working very easily by how they feel and sound when used. Take note of any screeching, or if your brake pedal is too firm or soft. Seat belts are similarly simple to check, but we take it for granted that they work because they become an automatic routine. Lights may be more difficult to check because you need a mirror or someone else to look at your lights while you test them, but being able to communicate with other drivers is essential to staying safe.

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