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Tips for Choosing a Shop to Handle Fleet Repairs

Get the Most Value for Your Company Vehicles

If you have a fleet of company automobiles to manage, repair is one of the many things to keep track of. Fleet repair is not available at every repair shop, so finding the convenience and value afforded by bulk service can be a big decision in itself. However, there are still some specifics you may want to identify when finalizing your choice of which repair shop to take your fleet to. Here are some of the appeals to a shop that can provide fleet services and what they should be providing to maximize the value that you, their customer, get from working with them.

Time Spent

One of the greatest benefits of fleet services is that you can get everything done in a timely fashion that is convenient to your schedule. If the shop provides you bulk repairs but does not have the workers to complete your order in a timely manner, it may have been better to go to multiple shops. Your company may have a few spare cars to last while others are under repair, but it is best to minimize the time your company is out of vehicles because that is lost time that you could be performing business interactions. Do they have an inventory of parts your cars, trucks, and vans will need or will they need to order and wait for them? Make sure they provide turnaround times that fit your schedule or can handle your fleet size.


If a small transaction doesn’t end up how you wished it would, it may not be a big deal because you didn’t invest much into it and can decide to go elsewhere if you aren’t satisfied. However, if you make a large repair order, you want to make sure you are getting what you expect. This is why a repair shop that does all your company vehicles should have some references or testimonials available to give you an idea of the quality they provide. This way, you can know what you will be getting when you make a large deal with your fleet of cars.

Your Solution to Servicing Your Vehicle Fleet

The most important thing is to have communication in any business, and the larger your projects are, the more necessary it is. If you are looking for fleet repair services in North Marietta, GA, come to Rocco’s European Garage. We can provide the right value with our services to make it worth the investment. Call us now at 404-948-5162.

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