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The Most Common Audi Repairs

Audi Problems You May Want to Watch For

The Most Common Audi Repairs

Audi Problems You May Want to Watch For

Audi owners in need of repair may have to consider where certain problems may originate. Because an automobile is a complex system, one issue can lead to another. Having an idea of some common Audi repairs may help to resolve or prevent a slew of other problems.


Depending on the cost of repairs against the cost of a new vehicle, owners often have to decide if it is worth repairing after an accident. With a luxury vehicle, it is often the case that repairs are worth it monetarily; but it is also a concern of whether repairs can maintain the smooth ride if there was any damage to the frame.

Plenum Tray

The plenum tray catches water that gets under the hood and prevents moisture buildup when it lets it drain out of the car. Unfortunately, many Audi owners experience clogged plenum tray drains. When particles build up in the tray, it can lead to the water leaking out of the drain into other places. Moisture can cause many problems like interior damage, corrosion on the brakes, and electrical shortages, so keeping the plenum tray clean will save you on other repairs.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Audi engines recirculate some of the exhaust produced by the combustion to reuse the oxygen and reduce pollution. This process also lowers the heat of the engine because it does not need to work as hard. This is a delicate process that can create carbon buildup if it isn’t balanced properly. If the exhaust gets blocked, it can cause overheating and reduced efficiency and mileage.

Check Engine Light

Just like in any other vehicle, Audis have a light on the dashboard suggesting to check the engine. Once this light pops up it could be suggesting any number of problems, but the diagnostic codes can be obtained using a scanner that any professional mechanic will own. This code will indicate what the problem is, and from there they can search for the cause and repair it.

Expert Audi Repair in Atlanta, GA

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