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Fun Facts About Volvo

An Interesting Automobile History

Volvo owners may want to know as much about their vehicles as possible because they will be driving and repairing this vehicle for the next several years. Learning more about the maker of your car can help you learn more about your car. Here are some interesting facts that may help you understand more about the Volvo brand while you are at the repair shop.


The name “Volvo” used to mean “I spin” or “I roll” because the company started out producing ball bearings. The Volvo logo also has the shape of a circle with an arrow towards the Northeast. For some people, this represents the male gender (which actually comes from the symbol of Mars), but for others this is the alchemical symbol for iron. Iron is one of the more durable metals used in steel, which is an important material in the making of safe cars because it bends and transfers pressure throughout the material rather than snapping.

Safety Pioneer

Volvo can safely say that they contributed the most to safety advancements in the car industry. A Swedish inventor, Nils Bohlin, was hired by Volvo to be their chief safety engineer. He was responsible for the first three-point seat belt to come out on a Volvo in 1959. It was the first user friendly and simple invention that would secure both the lower and upper body. Volvo shortly thereafter released their seat belt design to all other manufacturers for free to improve the safety standards of the industry. Volvo has estimated that one million lives have been saved due to the seat belt, which is definitely something to be proud of.

Mileage Records

A Guiness record for the most amount of miles driven on a single car was made in a Volvo. Irv Gordon’s 1966 Volvo P1800 has accumulated three million miles on it. While one driver’s habits and car may not represent all of them, it serves as a great talking point to the reliability of a brand. It is definitely a good look when someone is that dedicated to one of your creations.

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