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BMW Inspection and Repair

How BMW Makes Service Simple

As with any vehicle, BMW repairs consist of diagnosing and fixing any problems, as well as maintaining the moving parts. As a driver, knowing the schedule of everything your car needs and what could potentially need repair can be complicated. This process can be simplified for car owners when they go to a shop for BMW repairs with professional technicians who are qualified to work on BMWs. These technicians are trained to know the specific alternating method of BMW inspection I and II.

Inspection I

More so than a technique, these inspections are just a method of organizing repairs to be as efficient and convenient as possible. They can be thought of as a group of checks all in one inspection. That way, the owner doesn’t need to provide any communication about their car, other than that it is time for its inspection and which inspection is due. The timing of these inspections is very simple. There will be a gauge on the dashboard or elsewhere that shows your car’s progress towards next inspection. When the progress bar fills up, it is recommended you go in for your next inspection. You should alternate between inspection I and II so whichever one you had last will indicate which you are due for next.

During BMW inspection I there are three main groupings of checks:

  • Undercarriage: Consists of reapirs to the exhaust, tires, brakes, and cheks for potential leaks.
  • Engine: This relates to all of the components underneath the hood.
  • Electrical and Body Component: Here, components such as the lights, seat belts, and mirrors are checked.

Inspection II

Inspection II is a larger inspection because it includes all of the services performed during inspection I, with other checks that need to be done less frequently. These can include replacing spark plugs, fuel filters, and differential oil changes. What this grouping of two inspection types does is minimizes the time you need to go into the shop for repairs while also making sure that your BMW’s safety and efficiency is maintained.

If you find your BMW progress bar has filled or need repairs, you should come to Rocco’s European Garage in West Midtown, GA. We have the expertise to handle both inspection types and can get you back to having the "ultimate driving machine". Call us now at 404-537-5325 to schedule a service.

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