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The Most Common Volkswagen Repairs

Drive a VW? Here's What to Watch Out For

Every car has its strengths and features that appeal to certain drivers. For Volkswagen owners, they must be mindful of the most common issues in order to prevent them with regular maintenance and head off larger repairs. Here are some of the common repairs that Volkswagen owners regularly need that you will want to be mindful of.

Oil Buildups

Everyone is susceptible to the problem of oil gunk building up in your engine if you do not change the oil regularly, but some later model Volkswagens have seen these issues much sooner than other cars would have. This can cause deficiency and worse mileages. If you are changing your oil when appropriate, you shouldn’t have this problem, so just make sure to stay on top of this important maintenance.

Electrical Components

It is only with certain models, but there have been some instances of coils or wiring harnesses that have expired early. All vehicles need these changed eventually because they don’t last forever, but some Volkswagens needed repairs earlier than expected. If the coils stop working, you’ll have trouble starting the car and the wiring may short out, causing the electronics to stop working. You can expect to change these about every 80,000 miles, but depending on your model it could have an early expiration. Make sure to have the electrical components checked regularly.

Low Carriage

Some Volkswagen models are low to the ground, which can give them better handling and a certain aesthetic--but it comes at a cost. Being low to the ground means that the car receives more punishment from harsh road conditions; this can cause damage to the exhaust system and oil tray when going over rough roads with holes or bumps. This also means it’s essential for Volkswagen owners to stay on top of steering, suspension, and wheel alignment maintenance.

Check Engine Light

As with most cars, a very common issue will be the check engine light on the dashboard illuminating. This isn’t actually one single problem, but represents potentially many different things. It could mean something as easy as your gas cap is loose, or as serious as your engine leaking oil. You won’t know exactly what is wrong with it until you read the diagnostic codes using a scanner, which all mechanics will have in their repair shop.

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