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How Does Mercedes Name its Vehicles?

The Mercedes Vehicle Naming System

Have you ever wondered how Mercedes-Benz names its cars? Many models' names have also changed over time, so it can be a little confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the Mercedes-Benz brand or may be familiar with the older model names. Read below to find out more about how Mercedes-Benz names its vehicles.

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The Mercedes Vehicle Models

Mercedes-Benz names its models in a clean, simple, and sophisticated manner, but they aren't easy to remember because they all consist of a combination of letters and numbers for trim levels.

When it comes to Mercedes sedans, each one will start with a single letter. The most recent example is the A-Class, while the C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class are some of the other sedan names.

Coupe models, such as the CLS and CLA, will have multiple letters in their names, but you'll still be able to recognize them because they start with the letters CL. The SL and SLC roadsters are two Mercedes-Benz sports cars with similar names that include the letters SL.

Mercedes SUVs are unique in that they will all begin with the letters GL, a nod to the iconic G-Class. The model line comes after that, so the GLA is the GL A-Class. Here’s the full run-down:

  • GLA: GL A-Class
  • GLC: GL C-Class; previously GLK
  • GLE: GL E-Class; previously M-Class or ML
  • GLE Coupé: GL E-Class Coupé
  • GLS: GL S-Class; previously GL

Don't Forget the Engine!

The engine type comes next, which is labeled on the boot (or trunk) by one lower-case letter:

  • C: Compressed Natural Gas
  • D: Diesel
  • E: Electric
  • F: Fuel Cell
  • H: Hybrid

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