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Is Volkswagen Changing Its Name?

An April Fool's Day Joke Gone Wrong

At the start of April, auto journalists around the world were fooled by a now-deleted Volkswagen press release in which the automaker suggested a company name change. However, according to the auto manufacturer, the name change was all one big April Fool’s Day joke.

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An April Fool's Prank That Was No Joke

On March 31st, Volkswagen’s official social media account made a big splash with a playful announcement that a name change was on the way to reflect the company's commitment to electric vehicles. However, after issuing public statements confirming the name change, the news was quickly retracted, claiming that it was all a joke ahead of April Fool's Day.

Companies frequently change their logos as the years pass to keep their brands fresh and modern. However, it is uncommon for a major corporation to change the name of a product that has been with customers for generations. Regardless of the motivation, this move made the brand famous around the world for 24 hours.

The main goal of the name change was to promote one of the brand's newest and most important models in the United States, the all-electric ID.4. This is due to the ID.4's importance to the automaker in the United States and its position in the auto market because of the vehicle being an all-electric crossover, which fits perfectly into one of the most popular segments of the auto market at the moment.

What to Expect From Volkswagen in the Future

Despite numerous reports, no, one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers will not change its entire brand name seemingly out of the blue. A Volkswagen executive confirmed to numerous outlets that the name change stunt was an April Fool’s Day joke gone wrong. Furthermore, this April Fools' joke was delivered a few days early, which added to the confusion.

While you can expect to see more electric vehicles from Volkswagen in the future, for the foreseeable future, VW will remain synonymous with Volkswagen.

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