March 2022 - Rocco’s European Garage

What Should You Know About the X5?

Great Vehicle, A Few Bumps in the Road Nearly everyone recognizes that any automaker will sometimes produce a model that has an apparent glitch. Most European auto enthusiasts will tell you that BMW is a great luxury vehicle. Even so, there are occasionally some issues. Such is the case with the X5. Rocco’s European Garage […]

Common Mercedes Problems

Common Issues Mercedes Owners Should be Aware Of Mercedes-Benz has earned a reputation for building some of the most dependable automobiles available. While problems aren’t uncommon, when you own a Mercedes, there are a few Mercedes repair issues that are more common than others. Mercedes has a long history of being a dependable luxury vehicle, […]

In Case You’re Wondering . . . 5 Difficult Mechanical Auto Repairs

Dedication, Determination All vehicles eventually need repair, and some mechanical remedies are more difficult to perform than others. You may have even heard some people comment that European cars are hard to work on. We’ll share some of the five most commonly named difficult mechanical repairs, but you don’t have to worry. You can always […]