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Safe Driving Tips–Because We Can Repair Vehicles, But Not You

Recognizing What's Most Important

Taking great care of your European import vehicle is important to preserve its condition and value. That entails keeping up with preventive maintenance services and making timely mechanical repairs before they escalate into something more serious. At Rocco's European Garage (North Marietta location) in Marietta, Georgia, our ASE-certified technicians can help you with all those auto repair needs. Our full range of services includes factory scheduled maintenance, diagnostics, engine repair, electrical assistance, heat/AC repair, and exhaust system help. However, our greatest service is customer care. Therefore, we understand that mechanical repairs don't matter unless you arrive safely at our shop. Please be cautious, and accept a few tips for safe driving.

Staying Safe as You Drive

Although you, unfortunately, can't avoid every road hazard and negligent drivers who share the road with you, there are some things you can do to help keep yourself as safe as possible when you drive. For example, follow the sound advice you already know. Don't drive if you've consumed alcohol or drugs. Keep in mind that this may include a prescription that you're using legally. Some medications change your alertness level, judgment, and/or reaction time. Also, watch your speed. Easing off the accelerator may be one of the safest actions you can take. As speed increases, so do the number and seriousness of crashes. Be aware of conditions in conjunction with speed, too. The speed limit is just that--a maximum. Conditions may not warrant operating at full throttle, so drive accordingly. Remember to always wear your seat belt. If an accident happens, the safety belt can save your life or reduce the extent of your injuries. When you're behind the wheel, drive. That means you should focus on your task as a motorist rather than other distractions. Finally, avoid driving when you're too tired. This applies to both physical and mental fatigue. Try to plan your drive when you're alert and able to keep yourself engaged.

Drive Safely, and Let Us Repair Your Vehicle

At Rocco's European Garage, we pride ourselves on quality work. Even so, we recognize that we can repair vehicles, but we can't fix you. We urge you, therefore, to drive safely. Then you can let us handle your auto repairs from there.

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