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Maintenance Tips for Your Fleet

You Don't Have to be Overwhelmed

Vehicles are an important part of your business operation. Maintaining and repairing those autos--whether heavy or light duty--along with daily operations and personnel management can become overwhelming. However, you can take the worry out of fleet repair if you bring your business transportation to Rocco's European Garage (North Marietta location) in Marietta, Georgia. Since opening in 2009, we've been a trusted partner for preventive maintenance services and repairs that make doing business easier for you, earning us a favorable rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Control the Fleet, Control Your Stress

Even though fleet management is a big responsibility, you can control the maintenance/repair plan and, therefore, control your stress. First, make sure somebody is overseeing the fleet. This doesn't necessarily have to be you. You can designate another person on your staff. Also, consider the size of the fleet. If you have a sizable group of vehicles on the road, perhaps you need a full-time fleet manager. It may also pay to invest in fleet management software for keeping track. If your fleet is small, the task may be assigned to someone who also has other duties. Tracking is still just as important, but a simple spreadsheet may do. The most important result of fleet care is safety. Preventive maintenance services and timely repairs keep your transportation roadworthy, protecting your drivers as well as other motorists and keeping your company out of legal trouble (for negligence). Should there be a question, it's important that you can show maintenance records. Proper auto repair services will also help prevent breakdowns, ultimately saving you time and money. Another crucial component of the safe and optimal fleet operation is driver protocol. Develop policies that are well communicated to everyone who operates company transportation, preferably a written manual. The protocol should include a mechanism for drivers to report any problems they've noticed, expectations for safe motoring, and a checklist of procedures to follow if there's an accident. Also, enlist your drivers' help (as well as the fleet manager's) in monitoring tires and keeping vehicles clean. Finally, to the extent possible, set up a schedule of staggered maintenance and repairs so that too many automobiles aren't out of service on the same day.

Your Local Fleet Repair Partner

When maintaining your business transportation, it's great to have a local partner for fleet repair. Make Rocco's European Garage your trusted shop. Our ASE-certified technicians are knowledgeable about your European model, and we back our work with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty.

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