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Safety Features Every Teen Driver Needs in a Car

What Features Matter the Most in Your Teen's Vehicle

If your teenager has reached the driving age in your state, it may be time for you to consider what type of vehicle they will drive. More important than the make or model of the vehicle your teen drives are some important features you’ll want to look for when you seek out a car to buy for your teen driver.

Limit Distractions

Many modern vehicles now come with entertainment systems that put your first stereo and television to shame. These systems also offer more distractions for teen drivers, which can lead to accidents on the road. It might be better to find a vehicle for your teen with an old-school radio rather than a digital screen connecting to their phones for everything from music to text messages. The fewer distractions built into the vehicle you buy for your teen to drive, the better and safer it will be for them.

Safety Features You’ll Like

While the entertainment systems in newer vehicles may add to the distractions your teen faces while driving, modern safety features may be exactly what you’re looking for in a car for your teen drive. Features such as lane departure warnings, blind spot detectors, rear view cameras, and automatic braking may be what you need to feel better about your teen being on the road. You may want to consider finding a vehicle with these and other modern safety features for your peace of mind while your teen is on the road.


The tires are the only part of your teen’s vehicle that contact the road. Better quality tires will help your teen’s drive remain safer than balding or otherwise inferior tires. Putting a solid set of tires on your teen’s car can help them maintain control in many weather conditions and will help you feel better about knowing your teen is driving in anything other than bright, sunny weather.

In general, when seeking a vehicle for your teen, you want to focus on safety first and allow any other features to come later. You know your teen best, and so you should take into account their propensity toward distraction and consider features that limit distraction while they’re on the road.

Rocco’s European Garage in Buckhead can help you decide what type of vehicle is best for your teen and help you keep that auto repaired and in good working order at all times. Why not call us today and make an appointment to speak with one of our mechanics about your and your teen’s needs regarding a safe vehicle for them to drive?

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