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Are Your Brakes Talking to You?

Proper Brake Maintenance is a Key Safety Measure in Volkswagens

Often, your brakes are the only system on your Volkswagen standing between you and a collision on the road. Preventative maintenance for your brakes keeps your Volkswagen on the road and your family safe inside it.

Signs Your Volkswagen Needs Brake Service

A loud screeching noise or vibration when you press down on the brake pedal is one of the easiest to spot signs your Volkswagen needs brake service. If you notice this sign, take your Volkswagen to your favorite service center for brake repair as soon as possible or risk catastrophic brake failure.

Another sign you need brake service for your Volkswagen is if your brake pedal is very hard to push down or it is lower than it used to be. You may also notice the vehicle pulling to one side or the other as you slow down. It’s time to get your Volkswagen brakes repaired as soon as possible if you notice these signs.

Preserving the Life of Your Brakes and Rotors

Brakes and rotors will wear out with time, but the length of time it takes for them to wear out varies depending on several factors.

If your driving habits include fast acceleration and slamming on the brakes to avoid collisions, your brake pads may wear out much more quickly than those in a vehicle driven by a more conservative driver. Consider moderating your driving habits to allow for a more measured braking style to extend the life of your brakes. Riding the brakes–keeping your foot on the brake for long periods–can also contribute to the deterioration of your brakes. Your driving environment also affects the longevity of your brakes. If you live in the mountains where you have to brake coming down them, you may notice the life of your brakes is shortened. Stop and go, city traffic driving can also be hard on your brakes. In contrast, highway driving can be a little easier on them.

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It’s important that you take your Volkswagen to a certified service center for regular brake inspections, repairs, and replacements. The more you control the factors of brake deterioration that are within your control, the longer your brakes will last. For everything that’s out of your control, taking your Volkswagen in for brake service and maintenance at a shop like Rocco’s European Garage in Atlanta, GA (West Midtown) can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring the safety of all passengers in your Volkswagen. Call today to make an appointment for your Volkswagen to help you ensure your brakes are in good working order and stay that way going forward.

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