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Does Your BMW Have a “Tick”?

Why BMW Engines Make a "Ticking" Noise

Many BMWs, especially those with a certain N-52 engine–are known for making a ticking noise. While this noise is little more than annoying in many cases, a ticking noise coming from the engine of your BMW may indicate a more serious problem that requires repair.

Common Causes of the Ticking Noise

If your BMW engine is making a ticking noise, there are a few reasons why it may be doing that. One reason is a faulty hydraulic valve lifter. Another possible source of the ticking noise can be a faulty oil pump plunger. Regardless, it’s important to take your BMW to your favorite certified service center for repair if you hear a persistent ticking noise from the engine. Failure to do so can lead to more serious and expensive repair issues in your BMW’s engine.

Faulty Hydraulic Valve Lifter

The ticking noise is the primary warning sign of a faulty hydraulic valve lifter. The ticking noise may be louder if the temperature outside is cold because the lubricant in your engine will be thicker when it’s cold and will not do its job as effectively until it warms up.

If your mechanic has identified the hydraulic valve lifter as the culprit behind the ticking noise in your BMW’s engine, a simple fix is available. Switching to a lighter-weight oil often effectively stopped the ticking noise. Ask your BMW repair specialist for their recommendation for fixing the ticking noise in your BMW.

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There are no known safety issues resulting from the faulty hydraulic valve lift at this time. However, it is still in your best interest to take your BMW in for service if you hear a ticking noise. Since other issues might be at the root of the ticking noise, your mechanic is your best bet for discovering and repairing the cause.

Rocco’s European Garage technicians would be happy to inspect your BMW and recommend how best to fix the ticking noise in your engine. Give us a call today and make an appointment to have your BMW inspected as soon as possible.

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