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Is it Time to Replace the Timing Belt?

What to Know About Replacing Your Audi's Timing Belt

Audi's are known to be reliable cars, but every vehicle has weak spots in the systems that require preventative maintenance and repair. The timing belt or chain is one such weak spot in many vehicles. Here are some tips to let you know you may need to replace the timing belt on your Audi.

What Does A Timing Belt Do?

The timing belt or chain in your Audi connects the crankshaft to the camshaft and keeps the movement of those components in sync to allow your transmission to engage and move the vehicle forward or backward. Timing belts are integral to the operation of your vehicle. Failure of a timing belt can cause catastrophic engine failure and result in expensive and time-consuming repairs. Furthermore, should the timing belt fail while you’re driving, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation on the road.

Signs Your Timing Belt May Be Failing

If you notice your Audi isn’t responding as well as it has in the past when it comes to acceleration, the culprit may be a worn and slipping timing belt. Timing belts are often made of rubber and equipped with teeth to engage with gears on other components in your vehicle. The rubber can stretch or crack with time, driving habits, and weather conditions. That change in the state of the belt can result in slipping when the belt is engaged with the gears. If you notice your Audi is sluggish to respond, it’s time to take it to your favorite Audi service center for repair and replacement.

If you hear sudden ticking sounds much like a ratchet wrench, you may have a failing timing belt. Even though these sounds may disappear when you drive at higher speeds, the issue will remain. The louder these sounds are, the worse the damage to the timing belt may be. If you hear this type of sound when you drive your Audi, it’s time for immediate repair.

Your Audi’s engine may misfire, or the check engine light may come on to let you know there is a problem with the timing belt. Because the timing belt is connected with syncing the valves and pistons, if they are out of sync, these are the symptoms you’ll find in your Audi.

What To Do If You Notice Any Of These Symptoms

Should you notice any of these symptoms, your best bet to keep your Audi in good working order is to take it to your Audi repair center to have a certified mechanic look it over, diagnose the problem, and recommend repairs.

In Marietta, GA, Rocco’s European Garage is there for you to help you keep your Audi running smooth and safe. Why not give them a call and make an appointment today to have your Audi inspected and ask their mechanics to inspect your timing belt? You’ll be glad you did.

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