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Changing Oil and Not the Oil Filter

What Happens When You Change The Oil But Not The Oil Filter?

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Do I Have to Change the Filter With Every Oil Change?

Technically, no, you don’t. However, there are many advantages to changing the oil filter with every oil change. The first is that having your oil changed but leaving a dirty oil filter in the system negates the good done by the oil change. Running clean oil through a dirty filter wastes time and money because the deposits you remove from the system by changing the oil are reintroduced from the filter. In addition to there being a good reason to change the oil filter with every oil change, there isn’t a good reason not to change it every time. If you’re unsure how to proceed, consider asking the certified technicians at the shop where your oil is changed. They’ll happily share with you the pros and cons of having this service performed.

What Happens If You Don’t Change the Oil Filter?

You know that an oil filter is meant to filter out any dirt, debris, or contaminants picked up from your engine as the oil makes its route through the engine system. The oil filter helps keep dirt and debris from gumming up the works. If you don’t change the filter when you change the oil, you risk a dirty filter not moving the oil through the system fast enough or pulling all debris from the cycling oil. This can lead to catastrophic engine failure due to the engine components not being lubricated. Your driving habits and environment can significantly affect an oil filter's longevity, so it’s difficult to put a mileage marker on when it should be changed. If you drive in the Atlanta Metro Area's stop-and-go traffic, in extreme temperatures, on dirt roads or in dusty conditions, or tow heavy loads often, you’ll want to have your oil filter changed more often than someone who has less drastic driving environments. Changing your oil and oil filter is to head off bigger, more expensive repairs in the long run. Rocco’s European Garage team is here to help you navigate the complicated choices you might face when maintaining your vehicle.

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If you drive a European car, chances are you choose it for performance and comfort. Failure to maintain your vehicle's engine through regular oil changes can compromise both aspects of your choice of vehicle. The Rocco’s European Garage team is experts at caring for and maintaining European vehicles for Atlanta Metro drivers. Call them today to schedule your next oil change, or stop by the Marietta, GA shop to speak with the customer service advisors and certified technicians in person. They’ll help you decide how best to care for your vehicle.

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