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XC 90 Problems

What Problems Should I be Aware of With My Volvo XC90?

Water Leaks, Oil Consumption, and Fuel Filler Leaks, Oh My!

Your Volvo XC90

When you chose your Volvo XC90, you likely didn’t choose it so you would have to take it in for repairs at your certified Volvo repair shop almost immediately. While Volvo makes many reliable and problem-free vehicles, there are some recognized problems with the XC90 SUV. If you recognize any of these issues in your XC90, you’ll want to take it to a certified Volvo repair shop like Rocco’s European Garage in Marietta, GA, for inspection and repair.

XC90 Problems to Look Out For

Some of the most common problems popping up on complaint websites include water leaks in the cabin after strong rains, automatic braking issues, transmission failures, and oil consumption issues. No matter what issues your XC90 is exhibiting, your mechanic is your best bet to fix them before they become catastrophic failures requiring expensive and time-consuming repairs. At the first sign of any of these problems, you should bring your Volvo to a certified repair center to have the affected systems checked. Often, there’s a simple solution to these problems. For example, the water leaks in the cabin are often fixed by having the sunroof seals replaced. Having your mechanic check for leaks in the engine can help head off the oil consumption issue. Other issues are a little more expensive and complex to repair. The transmission failure issues often meant having the full transmission replaced. Different model years of the XC90 have had different prevalent issues, so if you’re considering purchasing an XC90, you may want to consult with your mechanic to find out which model years best suit your needs and avoid the worst of the repair issues noted here.

Let Us Help You

The team at Rocco’s European Garage is as passionate about European cars like the Volvo XC90 as you are. The certified technicians rely on years of education and practical experience to ensure your vehicle is cared for as it should be. They’ll help you with regular maintenance, inspection, diagnostics, and repairs. Call them today to make an appointment for repair or maintenance services, or stop by the Marietta, GA shop to speak with our customer service advisors and technicians in person.

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