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Problems with BMW X5

Problems With The BMW X5 You Need To Know About

Is a BMW X5 Worth the Issues It Comes With?

The Problematic BMW X5

You bought your BMW X5 for its performance, right? But surely you didn’t expect the issues that have come with owning a precision vehicle like the X5. BMW is generally known for building safe, reliable vehicles that meet the needs of those drivers looking for performance, comfort, and style. Still, over the years, some significant issues have cropped up in different models. Some model years have been more prone to problems than others. You may want to avoid X5s from 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, and 2015, as they’ve been the most problematic years for the X5. Suppose you already own or are considering purchasing an X5. In that case, you may want to see the team at Rocco’s European Garage for a pre-purchase inspection to ensure any of the problems BMW has addressed have been addressed in the specific vehicle you’re considering.

What Problems Does the X5 Have?

One of the primary problems with the X5 is water leaks from the sunroof. These leaks are caused when the drain tubes meant to funnel rain and other precipitation away from the sunroof allow that water to enter the cabin instead. It might not seem like a big problem, but water in the cabin can affect the carpet, the seats, and the electrical systems. Another X5 problem is the engine stalling issue found predominantly in the 2011 model. The engine on the 2011 X5 would often stall while the vehicle was traveling at low speeds but could also do so at higher speeds. This became a safety issue for drivers when the engine control module shifted the vehicle into safe mode, and the ability to accelerate was lost. The X5 also had overheating and transmission issues tied to components of those systems failing or malfunctioning.

How Can We Help You?

The Rocco’s European Garage team is here to help you with all your BMW X5 repair and maintenance services. From oil changes to engine rebuilds, this team can do it all. Whatever issues you might be having with your X5, give the team at Rocco’s European Garage a call to make an appointment for an inspection and diagnostic or stop by the shop in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA, to speak with the team in person.

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