March 2023 - Rocco’s European Garage

Timing Chain Problems

Audi Timing Chain Issues To Be Aware Of Timing is Everything for Your Audi’s Transmission What Does the Timing Chain Do for Your Audi? Through the years, Audi has used both timing chains and belts as part of their transmission systems. If your car is newer than 2005, chances are, you have a timing chain […]

Mercedes Misfires

Mercedes Misfires: Causes And Solutions Embarrassed by Your Mercedes Misfires? Here’s What to Do What is a Misfire? The engine in your Mercedes requires a specific ratio of fuel and oxygen to be ignited in a calibrated pattern. If one of the cylinders fires too soon or too late, the result is a misfire in […]

Water Pump Failure

BMW Water Pump Failure: What Does It Look Like? Are you in Hot Water Because Your Water Pump Has Failed? What does a Water Pump Do? The electric water pump in your BMW circulates coolant through the engine systems. When it fails, you risk engine failure due to overheating. This failure can be expensive and […]