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Give Your Bentley the Royal Treatment!

Maintenance Tips and Schedules for Bentleys Depending on the age of your Bentley, you may never need to keep track of the recommended maintenance schedule because newer Bentleys will send you notifications on the dashboard about maintenance services needed in the correct intervals. However, if you drive an older Bentley without such a system installed, […]

GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

Benefits of Fleet GPS Tracking When you manage a fleet of vehicles, one of the most helpful tools you can use to keep track of your vehicles is a GPS tracking system installed in your fleet vehicles. While the initial cost for such a system might be daunting, many benefits outweigh that cost when managing […]

Is it Time to Replace the Timing Belt?

What to Know About Replacing Your Audi’s Timing Belt Audi’s are known to be reliable cars, but every vehicle has weak spots in the systems that require preventative maintenance and repair. The timing belt or chain is one such weak spot in many vehicles. Here are some tips to let you know you may need […]

Leave These Repairs to the Mercedes Experts!

What are Some Repairs Best Left to Your Mercedes Mechanic? Your Mercedes is a precision driving machine. As such, there are some repairs you should leave to your certified Mercedes service center and their trained technicians. Attempting to fix some issues on your Mercedes may lead to bigger, more expensive repair issues if you’re not […]

Don’t Do This if You Manage a Fleet of Vehicles!

Tips to Keep Your Fleet on the Road Managing a fleet of vehicles is time-consuming and difficult. You want to approach the management of your fleet with economy and efficiency in mind. Here are some issues that make managing your fleet more difficult. Failure to Assess Your Preventative Maintenance Schedule Preventative maintenance for your fleet […]

Does Your BMW Have a “Tick”?

Why BMW Engines Make a “Ticking” Noise Many BMWs, especially those with a certain N-52 engine–are known for making a ticking noise. While this noise is little more than annoying in many cases, a ticking noise coming from the engine of your BMW may indicate a more serious problem that requires repair. Common Causes of […]

Are Your Brakes Talking to You?

Proper Brake Maintenance is a Key Safety Measure in Volkswagens Often, your brakes are the only system on your Volkswagen standing between you and a collision on the road. Preventative maintenance for your brakes keeps your Volkswagen on the road and your family safe inside it. Signs Your Volkswagen Needs Brake Service A loud screeching […]

Safety Features Every Teen Driver Needs in a Car

What Features Matter the Most in Your Teen’s Vehicle If your teenager has reached the driving age in your state, it may be time for you to consider what type of vehicle they will drive. More important than the make or model of the vehicle your teen drives are some important features you’ll want to […]

Get a Jump Start on Replacing Your Battery

Signs Your Car’s Battery Should be Replaced Your car’s battery is an important component of several systems in your vehicle. A failing battery will give you several clues before it becomes critical to replace the battery. Strange Odor If you notice a rotten egg smell in your vehicle, it could be a sign of a […]

Do Bad Driving Habits Impact the Life of Your Vehicle?

Common Driving Habits That Could Potentially Damage Your Vehicle How you drive has a bigger effect on the longevity of your vehicle than you might think. Here are some common bad driving habits that may shorten the life of your car. Changing how you drive can help you avoid auto repair bills. Heavy Braking and […]