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Buckhead’s BMW Service Specialists -- Rocco’s European Garage

Getting The Best Out of Your BMW

At Rocco’s European Garage, we have the equipment and staff to handle any need your auto repair issue your BMW vehicle may have. We recognize that for your BMW to perform at its best, it needs to be serviced using manufacturer-approved components and services. At our facility, our BMW mechanics are equipped and staffed just for that purpose, making us one of the premier repair shops in Atlanta. Our ASE Certified technicians have the skill, knowledge, and experience to perform ever service your vehicle needs and install any component it may require. Whether your vehicle uses the classic inline-six or the high-performance V8 engines, our team is capable of handling it all!

Issues to Look Out For

Even though all BMWs are built with state-of-the-art components and equipment, even they can experience some trouble every now and then. Outside of having these problems serviced as soon as possible, the best way to avoid them is to understand when they are occurring. This allows you to avoid a problem from starting or to prevent an issue from getting worse. Here’s what you should be wary of when you suspect your BMW needs service.

Oil Leaks

In a lot of BMWs, especially older models, you may notice a buildup of dark gunk at the top of the engine, the oil filter housing, and drips of oil on the ground beneath your vehicle. If you ever see this in your vehicle, this indicates a gasket’s seal has been compromised and it is suffering from a leak. Although this doesn’t present any severe problems, it does lead to a messy vehicle and a dramatic loss of motor oil if the issue isn’t promptly handled.

Failing Cooling System

If there’s something that most BMW’s struggle with, it is the cooling system within the inline-six engines. This component helps circulate coolant throughout the engine and regulates the engine temperature. You’ll notice something is wrong with the cooling system if you notice that the vehicle quickly overheats. Any issues with this system should be serviced immediately, as failure to act promptly could result in additional damage and an expensive service bill!

Schedule an Appointment

Is your BMW in need of an oil change? Or is the cooling system beginning to have problems? Whatever your needs may be, know that Rocco’s European Garage is ready and willing to meet them. Our ASE Certified technicians and experienced service professionals utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the latest service techniques to provide any service your BMW may need, repair or maintenance! When you visit our shop, know that your luxury European import vehicle is in the hands of the best auto professionals in Atlanta! For questions about our BMW services or to schedule a visit, call our shop at 404-728-9090 and speak with our staff today! If you’re in the area, feel free to visit our shop at 2416 Cheshire Bridge Road, as we happily accept walk-in customers. We look forward to meeting you!

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