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Safety Features Every Teen Driver Needs in a Car

What Features Matter the Most in Your Teen’s Vehicle If your teenager has reached the driving age in your state, it may be time for you to consider what type of vehicle they will drive. More important than the make or model of the vehicle your teen drives are some important features you’ll want to […]

Get a Jump Start on Replacing Your Battery

Signs Your Car’s Battery Should be Replaced Your car’s battery is an important component of several systems in your vehicle. A failing battery will give you several clues before it becomes critical to replace the battery. Strange Odor If you notice a rotten egg smell in your vehicle, it could be a sign of a […]

Do Bad Driving Habits Impact the Life of Your Vehicle?

Common Driving Habits That Could Potentially Damage Your Vehicle How you drive has a bigger effect on the longevity of your vehicle than you might think. Here are some common bad driving habits that may shorten the life of your car. Changing how you drive can help you avoid auto repair bills. Heavy Braking and […]

How to Find a Good Mechanic

The Elephant in the Room You’re probably familiar with the expression “the elephant in the room.” It’s large and very present, but nobody dares to mention it because doing so might cause offense. At Rocco’s European Garage (Buckhead location) in Atlanta, Georgia, we certainly don’t want to be rude. We do, however, want you to […]

Safe Driving Tips–Because We Can Repair Vehicles, But Not You

Recognizing What’s Most Important Taking great care of your European import vehicle is important to preserve its condition and value. That entails keeping up with preventive maintenance services and making timely mechanical repairs before they escalate into something more serious. At Rocco’s European Garage (North Marietta location) in Marietta, Georgia, our ASE-certified technicians can help […]

In Case You’re Wondering . . . 5 Difficult Mechanical Auto Repairs

Dedication, Determination All vehicles eventually need repair, and some mechanical remedies are more difficult to perform than others. You may have even heard some people comment that European cars are hard to work on. We’ll share some of the five most commonly named difficult mechanical repairs, but you don’t have to worry. You can always […]

Keeping Your Vehicle in Peak Condition

Fitness goals, work goals, home DIY goals:  many people have been motivated to improve themselves and their lives while they have had extra time at home.  Not surprisingly, the vehicle that serves you faithfully may not have made the list of planned improvements.  The most common reason owners put off preventative maintenance is because they […]

At the Ready: What Can You Do For Your Vehicle Post Quarantine?

Why you Should Prioritize Auto Repairs Right Now This is an unprecedented time for our country and our citizens who are usually very active and adventurous have been staying inside to try and curb this pandemic.  Almost without exception, America’s vehicles have been left idle in garages, parking spaces, and driveways.  At best they have […]

Put Out to Pasture

When do you Stop Repairing Your Vehicle and Replace it Instead? When the time between your visits to the auto repair shop gets shorter and shorter, you may start thinking about replacing your vehicle rather than maintaining it. Maybe you start doing all sorts of calculations in your head about the cost of repairs versus […]

Rocco’s Relief for COVID-19

Rocco’s Relief: 20-20 in 2020 You’re hearing it everywhere – “We’re all in this together.” But what does that really mean? Not only is every person in the world, let alone our community, going through all that comes with this pandemic – fear, financial and personal loss, loneliness, worry – but we are also together […]