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Water Pump Failure

BMW Water Pump Failure: What Does It Look Like? Are you in Hot Water Because Your Water Pump Has Failed? What does a Water Pump Do? The electric water pump in your BMW circulates coolant through the engine systems. When it fails, you risk engine failure due to overheating. This failure can be expensive and […]

Problems with BMW X5

Problems With The BMW X5 You Need To Know About Is a BMW X5 Worth the Issues It Comes With? The Problematic BMW X5 You bought your BMW X5 for its performance, right? But surely you didn’t expect the issues that have come with owning a precision vehicle like the X5. BMW is generally known […]

Does Your BMW Have a “Tick”?

Why BMW Engines Make a “Ticking” Noise Many BMWs, especially those with a certain N-52 engine–are known for making a ticking noise. While this noise is little more than annoying in many cases, a ticking noise coming from the engine of your BMW may indicate a more serious problem that requires repair. Common Causes of […]

A Quick Look at the BMW i8

An Overview of the BMW i8 Electricity’s performance-enhancing properties are making hybrid sports vehicles more prevalent, but the 2020 BMW i8 is more about looking fast than going fast. While its plug-in hybrid motor is respectably powerful and faster than your average hybrid, it’s also a comfortable and reliable ride, making it one of the […]

Tips for Buying a Used BMW

Get the Quality, Save the Money When you’re in the market for a vehicle, you may be able to save a few dollars if you’re willing to forgo the new car sticker. You shouldn’t, however, sacrifice quality. If you follow a few simple tips, you won’t have to. You can still get a great BMW […]

What Should You Know About the X5?

Great Vehicle, A Few Bumps in the Road Nearly everyone recognizes that any automaker will sometimes produce a model that has an apparent glitch. Most European auto enthusiasts will tell you that BMW is a great luxury vehicle. Even so, there are occasionally some issues. Such is the case with the X5. Rocco’s European Garage […]

How the Ultimate Driving Machines Get Their Names

The BMW Naming Convention BMW is one of the world’s most well-known luxury brands, known most notably for the brand’s high quality, comfort, and dependability. But did you know that the names of their various car models are not chosen at random? Have you ever wondered how BMW names its cars and what nomenclature they […]

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About the BMW i8

BMW i8 – Did You Know? BMW has one of the richest histories of any brand in the automotive industry and has evolved over the years into one of the most renowned premium auto manufacturers of all time. With each generation of vehicles, the Bavarian car manufacturer strives to build the ultimate performance vehicle. In […]

Own a BMW? Be on the Lookout for These

The Most Common BMW Repair Issues BMW vehicles are some of the most durable and reliable vehicles on the road, with sound engineering and design that makes the brand the envy of drivers all over the world. BMW has been around for quite a long time and has consistently delivered a consistent and reliable product […]

Interesting Facts About BMW

A Car Manufacturer’s History As one of the largest vehicle manufacturers, BMW definitely has an interesting history to it. Whether you are a BMW loyalist or a potential customer, there are without a doubt many recirculating icons such as the logos on each BMW that can be explained by a historical significance. While waiting for […]