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Where Jaguar Cars Originated

Know How and Where it All Started The Jaguar car manufacturing company, now named Jaguar Land Rover and owned by the Tata Motors company, has announced that by 2025 all cars made by them will be fully electric. With these claims, many current Jaguar owners are looking toward the future, and of course they will […]

Big Cats: The Best Jaguars Ever Produced

The Best Jaguars of All Time Founded almost 98-years ago, Jaguar vehicles combine luxury and technology, history, and innovation.  While each of their vehicles is known for its sumptuous interior, the body styles vary widely between historic and modern designs.  Whatever your style is, Jaguar has made some exceptional vehicles.  Our technicians at Rocco’s European […]

Tips to Take Care of Your Jaguar

Inside & Out Rocco’s European Garage in North Marietta, Georgia, understands the pride you feel as the owner of a beautiful Jaguar. That’s why we’ve gathered some maintenance advice to help you know when your vehicle needs Jaguar repair or maintenance. Here are three of the most important tips you should remember. 1. Find a […]