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VW Coil Failure

What Is A VW Coil Failure, and Should You Be Concerned? VW Coil Failure-It’s Stall The Rage! What is an Ignition Coil? The ignition coil is the component of your engine that supplies the electricity to the spark plugs for them to fire and ignite the fuel and oxygen which drives your engine. It’s a […]

Are Your Brakes Talking to You?

Proper Brake Maintenance is a Key Safety Measure in Volkswagens Often, your brakes are the only system on your Volkswagen standing between you and a collision on the road. Preventative maintenance for your brakes keeps your Volkswagen on the road and your family safe inside it. Signs Your Volkswagen Needs Brake Service A loud screeching […]

Interesting Facts About Volkswagen

Facts to Pique Your Interest During Repair Volkswagen is one of the largest car manufacturers, and it is no surprise as they have constantly adapted to change since their founding in 1937. This is especially interesting since Volkswagen mostly caters to a luxury audience. Maybe it is the intrigue of a company constantly pushing the […]

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts for Your Volkswagen

OEM Parts OEM? That stands for an original equipment manufacturer. It signifies that the automaker is the source for the replacement parts bearing this label. At Rocco’s European Garage in Roswell, Georgia, we’re happy to provide you with the best parts for your vehicle. We’re also your go-to auto repair shop for all your German […]

What Every Volkswagen Tiguan Owner Should Know

Common Issues to Be Aware Of Volkswagen always strives to produce vehicles that are better than their last. However, for a variety of reasons, the Volkswagen Tiguan was met with consistently low-reliability ratings and some rather serious and common Volkswagen repair issues. To find out more about why the Volkswagen Tiguan missed the mark, continue […]

Is Volkswagen Changing Its Name?

An April Fool’s Day Joke Gone Wrong At the start of April, auto journalists around the world were fooled by a now-deleted Volkswagen press release in which the automaker suggested a company name change. However, according to the auto manufacturer, the name change was all one big April Fool’s Day joke. To learn more about […]

The Most Common Volkswagen Repairs

Drive a VW? Here’s What to Watch Out For Every car has its strengths and features that appeal to certain drivers. For Volkswagen owners, they must be mindful of the most common issues in order to prevent them with regular maintenance and head off larger repairs. Here are some of the common repairs that Volkswagen […]

Volkswagen’s Most Disappointing Models

Among their many Hits, Volkswagen has had some Misses You can’t have success without learning from past mistakes.  Volkswagen, one of the world’s largest and popular automobile manufacturers, is a true testament of this.  While some of their cars have become iconic — like the Beetle — some have fallen short of expectations.  Rocco’s European […]

Who’s Who? A List of the top Volkswagen Models

Top Volkswagen Models of All Time! Volkswagen makes some of the most visually memorable vehicles on the road and have done so for their entire manufacturing history. Few people can pass a VW Beetle without smiling or a VW Bus without making a peace sign. However, there are a few models that don’t receive the […]

Fascinating Facts About Volkswagen

Did You Know? Whether you are the proud owner of a Volkswagen vehicle or just a fan of the company, there are many facets of the German car manufacturer to appreciate. Here are a few fun facts about this company from the Volkswagen repair team at Rocco’s European Garage in East Cobb, Marietta, Georgia. Volkswagen […]