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XC 90 Problems

What Problems Should I be Aware of With My Volvo XC90? Water Leaks, Oil Consumption, and Fuel Filler Leaks, Oh My! Your Volvo XC90 When you chose your Volvo XC90, you likely didn’t choose it so you would have to take it in for repairs at your certified Volvo repair shop almost immediately. While Volvo […]

The Most Popular Volvo Models

You’re in Good Company If you’ve chosen a Volvo, you’re in good company. Even through the supply chain and shipping issues that included auto parts and transportation of new cars, Volvo production grew in 2021 (up 5.6% to 698,693 vehicles). Perhaps your next choice will be an auto shop where you can get all the […]

Four Common Volvo Repair Problems

Common Volvo Problems You Should Know About Volvo vehicles are known for their outstanding safety and reliability ratings around the world, as well as their ability to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers with little maintenance and repair. However, like with any vehicle that has been on the road for a while, there are some […]

Fun Facts About Volvo

An Interesting Automobile History Volvo owners may want to know as much about their vehicles as possible because they will be driving and repairing this vehicle for the next several years. Learning more about the maker of your car can help you learn more about your car. Here are some interesting facts that may help […]