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Fleet Management

When your fleet vehicles are out on the road, you have to trust that they are going to get to their destination, get your goods where they need to go, and your people to where they need to be. Any maintenance issues mean delays, and delays mean losses. At Rocco’s European Garage, our technicians will help you find fleet management solutions that keep your vehicles operating smoothly and efficiently. Whether you are a one-vehicle operation or you have a whole fleet your vehicles are important to your business, and your business is important to us! Come into our shop today to learn how we can help keep your fleet humming: 770-509-5124.

How Essential Are Oil Changes?

Any of our technicians will tell you, preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your vehicles are as reliable as you want your business to be. As a top choice for many business owners, the Mercedes Sprinter Van is highly sophisticated in its engineering, making proper and timely maintenance imperative. For fleet vehicles where you can anticipate high mileage, oil changes are at the top of the list for necessary services. Our technicians are asked every day how often oil changes need to be performed. Engines in fleet vehicles undergo more stress, and recommended oil change intervals should happen as frequently as every 10,000 miles. As your vehicle age, those intervals can become less frequent as the engine is broken in. The other question we help customers navigate is which type of oil is best suited to their vehicle’s engine. Between conventional oil and synthetic oil, some vehicle owners may be confused about what exactly the difference is. Conventional oil is a refined version of crude oil, while synthetic oil is a man-made oil with the best aspects without the crude oil calories. Synthetic oil features fewer contaminants, which will in time lead to less build-up and engine sludge. However, synthetic oil does come with a higher price tag. At Rocco’s, our ASE Certified technicians will work with you to determine the best oil and the best oil change schedule for your vehicles.

Schedule Fleet Service With Us

Between preventative maintenance plans and emergency repairs, Rocco’s European Garage offers services for whatever condition your fleet is in. Our ASE Certified technicians will work with you to select services that fit your needs. From oil and filter changes to wheel alignment, we use the correct tools, diagnostics, and methods so the repair is done right the first time. For all of our services, we offer a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty so we get the opportunity to make it right when it goes wrong. Whether you are a customer who wants to be involved in every decision or you like to leave it to our team, at Rocco’s, you can trust our team to make the best decisions within your budget. Come by our East Cobb location today: 2245 Roswell Road.

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