Big Cats: The Best Jaguars Ever Produced

The Best Jaguars of All Time Founded almost 98-years ago, Jaguar vehicles combine luxury and technology, history, and innovation.  While each of their vehicles is known for its sumptuous interior, the body styles vary widely between historic and modern designs.  Whatever your style is, Jaguar has made some exceptional vehicles.  Our technicians at Rocco’s European

Out in the Cold: Tips for Preserving Your Mercedes

Contactless Service for Mercedes Repair Our lives have changed drastically over the past months and it can be difficult to tell what was done out of panic and what was planned.  Stocking 400 rolls of toilet paper = panic.  Keeping up with your vehicle maintenance = planning.  You may think, because you may have used

BMW Z8: The Connoisseur’s Car

BMW Z8: The $200,000 Car…or Is It? A car collector’s favorite, and some say BMW’s best-known model, the Z8 is an unusual vehicle for its style, performance, and popularity.  How popular?  Pierce Brosnan drove a Z8 in several scenes in The World is Not Enough before the vehicle was unceremoniously cut in half by a helicopter. 

Keeping Your Vehicle in Peak Condition

Fitness goals, work goals, home DIY goals:  many people have been motivated to improve themselves and their lives while they have had extra time at home.  Not surprisingly, the vehicle that serves you faithfully may not have made the list of planned improvements.  The most common reason owners put off preventative maintenance is because they

At the Ready: What Can You Do For Your Vehicle Post Quarantine?

Why you Should Prioritize Auto Repairs Right Now This is an unprecedented time for our country and our citizens who are usually very active and adventurous have been staying inside to try and curb this pandemic.  Almost without exception, America’s vehicles have been left idle in garages, parking spaces, and driveways.  At best they have