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How to Get Better Deals on Car Repair

What is Fleet Repair?

When you own a personal car you can be more selective with where you take it for repair, but when you run a company that owns multiple cars this can become much more complicated. Repair shops like Rocco’s European Garage in Atlanta, GA, provide fleet repair services to provide businesses with a single place to go to, rather than spreading out their vehicles among many repair shops.

Benefits of Fleet Service

Just like when you buy in bulk at the supermarket, buying multiple car services will provide you with discounts. For a business with a fleet of cars for their employees to use, repair costs can add up over time. Whoever manages the business expenses will likely want to get a better deal.

There are also other benefits to getting fleet repair other than just discounts. A partnership may allow better service. When you build a relationship with a repair shop for your entire fleet, the mechanics get to know your fleet’s specific needs. A good fleet repair shop can help you plan a preventative maintenance schedule for your entire fleet, making your overall fleet management more straightforward. You can also set more specific demands for the service of fleet vehicles because in large quantities it can be more convenient for a shop to adhere to them.

Organization and Exclusivity

When your company has their maintenance handled by a fleet repair shop, it simplifies keeping track of where all your cars are and what repairs are being performed on them. Rather than working with several different shops and having to make that many extra trips and calls, getting it all done at one place can be a great convenience. If your company car is a certain make or model it can also be better to get all of your cars done at a shop specializing in that make or model. You can tune your cars for similar purposes. You can secure the same parts, the same tires, and the same service to minimize all the different variables for keeping your fleet of cars in service as often as possible.

When securing your company fleet repair, consider coming to Rocco’s European Garage in Atlanta, GA. Call us at 404-982-4308 for fleet services today.

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