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Mercedes Service Rotation Explained

Why Mercedes A and B Services are Important

Many people use cars as their transportation method, but not nearly as many people know how to maintain and repair their vehicle on their own. For Mercedes owners, there is a very convenient system designed to get them the repairs they need without having to know much about the design of a car. Of course, taking your car to a mechanic is easy, but telling them what needs to be checked is another story. Mercedes repair is usually done through the alternating A and B service to keep it simple and take care of things before issues arise.

What Is Service A?

The A service is a series of checks that should be done generally every 6 months. This includes things like oil changes, air filter replacements, brake checks, and other routine services. Of course, there may not be a need for a replacement, but the quality of a vehicle comes from maintaining it before it becomes a problem. Mercedes repair service A should be performed once every year or 10,000 miles. Because you will alternate between A and B service this means you will need A service once every two years or every 20,000 miles. Instead of keeping tabs on how all of your car’s components are handling and performing, drivers simply just need to know whether they had A or B service last, and a Mercedes repair specialist will know exactly what they need.

What Is Service B?

Mercedes B service is very similar to the A service. As this is alternating with A service, it should be performed around every 20,000 miles or two years after the last B service. All of the same checks that occur during the A service will happen during the B service, which represents that those things should be checked every service. On top of that, there will be extra things done such as replacing the transmission fluid, the circuitry, and other checks that aren’t needed every year but are still important.

This service design neatly organizes all maintenance checks into two categories which essentially means you only need to take your car in for service once a year. It is a great convenience for drivers who need to keep their cars in good condition but can’t spend much time doing so. If your Mercedes needs repair in East Cobb, GA, come to Rocco’s European Garage, where we can handle both your A and B service. Call us now at 404-620-3787.

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