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What You Need to Know About Mercedes-Benz Airmatic System Failure

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Your Mercedes-Benz is a wonderful luxury automobile. It deserves the best mechanical care to be provided, and so do you. Get both at Rocco's European Garage (West Midtown location) in Atlanta, Georgia. Since we opened our first location in 2009, we've committed ourselves to the preventive maintenance services and repairs European import models need as well as to the customer service their owners deserve. We've developed a solid reputation which has earned us favorable ratings and multiple professional affiliations (AAA, ASE, BBB, etc.).

Airmatic 101: What You Need to Know

One of the features that make your Mercedes-Benz so comfortable and innovative is the Airmatic system. As one of the first of its kind at its inception, the air suspension cushions you from the jolts you encounter along the road. As great as it is, however, this kind of suspension system is susceptible to failure. That's because time and wear can lead to cracking or breaches that allow air to escape. Further, road debris can cause similar punctures. When the system is losing air, the compressor will have to work harder in an effort to keep up. When it cannot meet the demand any longer (due to the severity of the leak), you'll experience problems. There may be a warning light on your dashboard. Also, if the air struts lack sufficient air, you may feel the car sitting lower or sideways. If the automobile doesn't lift at all, the compressor may be bad. Sometimes, a loud noise followed by a drooping ride will point to compressor failure, as well. A blown fuse can also lead to a bumpy ride because suspension components lack the power to inflate.

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If your beloved Mercedes-Benz has a tired Airmatic suspension, another problem, or simply needs preventive maintenance services such as Mercedes A and B, rely on Rocco's European Garage. Our ASE-certified technicians use state-of-the-art tools and diagnostic equipment, treating every vehicle as if it were our own. We can even help out with your wallet. See our Financing page for information about the CreditFirst National Association card. Take advantage of the discounts you'll find using the Specials tab.

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