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BMW Repair Schedules

Understanding Your BMW

Owning a vehicle is no small feat. Beyond the initial investment, vehicles take a good amount of time and money to keep them running properly. BMWs are no exception, in fact, most owners will tell you that their maintenance costs can even be higher than the average vehicle. If you are the owner of a BMW vehicle, you’ll want to be prepared for its repair needs to budget your time and money. Skipping over recommended repairs could lead to decreased performance, value, and a higher repair bill! These key tips will help BMW owners take early action to avoid serious problems.

Check Engine Light Repair

As with any vehicle, the check engine light in your BMW will alert you in advance of serious problems so that you can get to Rocco’s European Garage in East Cobb, Georgia for repairs. Unlike other cars, some BMW models indicate the severity of the detected problem so that you can prioritize repairs and take fast action when necessary. An orange-colored light means there is a minor issue that won’t immediately affect your vehicle’s performance. You should schedule service at your earliest convenience to prevent damage from intensifying. A red-colored check engine light means that your BMW has a severe issue and you should stop driving immediately. Call for a tow to get your car safely to our shop!

Follow Factory Recommendations

Every driver should follow a preventative maintenance schedule, but perhaps luxury vehicle owners have more to benefit from a structured service plan than other drivers. It’s no secret that high-end performance vehicles can rack up relatively expensive repairs, but this is only true when maintenance is neglected! If you follow your BMW’s recommended schedule for minor auto repairs and services, you can avoid major problems altogether! For more information, check your owner’s manual or speak with one of the certified professionals at Rocco’s European Garage. We are here to help!

Rocco’s European Garage specializes in auto repairs and services for all BMW vehicles. Regardless of your car’s age or model, we can keep it running at its best. All you have to do is determine when it’s time to visit our shop in East Cobb, Georgia!

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