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How Volkswagen Owners Prevent Repairs

Follow These Tips

Volkswagen vehicles are powerful and reliable machines, so it’s no surprise that many drivers prefer them as their daily drivers. If you are one of the many VW fans on the road, Rocco’s European Garage in North Marietta, Georgia has a few tips to ensure your car continues to perform as it was designed. With a little help from our team, you can avoid costly repairs and protect your Volkswagen!

Check the Motor Oil

See that sticker in the top left corner of your windshield? It should have a number on it, which represents the next time your VW will need an oil change. Technicians do the math for your individual vehicle to recommend an optimal schedule to maximize services and get the most out of the oil put into your vehicle. When your car reaches the mileage indicated on the sticker, it’s time to visit our shop for a quick oil change. In between visits, we recommend monitoring your vehicle’s motor oil for quality to ensure it's still doing its job.

Motor oil cleans and lubricates the engine. Over time, it picks up dirt and particles in the engine, which means it itself gets dirty. Helpful additives in the oil will break down and the oil won’t effectively protect the engine. That’s why oil changes are necessary! Another way to check if your Volkswagen needs an oil change is to inspect it yourself. Use a dipstick to check the color and texture. You are looking for a clear, amber appearance and smooth texture. Anything that strays from that means your oil is doing its job but needs replacement!

How It Helps

Why is checking and changing the motor oil so important? We’re glad you asked. If drivers neglect this maintenance item, they will surely see higher repair bills and potentially expensive breakdowns and failures in the future. Engine oil works hard to protect the engine in your Volkswagen and keep all systems running smoothly. If left unchanged, your car won’t be able to achieve its standards for performance or efficiency. Parts will wear out and get damaged more quickly. That’s why Rocco’s European Garage is here to help drivers in North Marietta, Georgia take care of their VWs and avoid serious repairs!

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