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Where Jaguar Cars Originated

Know How and Where it All Started

The Jaguar car manufacturing company, now named Jaguar Land Rover and owned by the Tata Motors company, has announced that by 2025 all cars made by them will be fully electric. With these claims, many current Jaguar owners are looking toward the future, and of course they will still be able to receive support and repairs for their older, non-electric Jaguars. Since the past can help to understand the future, an understanding of Jaguar’s origins can help to understand these decisions.

Starting Out Humble

Jaguar Cars originated as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922. They built passenger cars for motorcycles in the beginning--not the motorcycles themselves, but just the side cars. This was a very humble start seeing as they are now one of the largest multinational car manufacturers. Eventually, they grew to building automobile cases, which is just a scaled up motorcycle sidecar. Then they finally started making entire automobiles. It’s a clear progression that they worked their way up to, which can be humbling when you see how far they’ve come.

Jaguar Manufacturing

Under the name of S. S. Cars Limited, they began to manufacture and repair cars with Jaguar as the model name. Eventually these models became iconic and they were renamed Jaguar Cars in 1945. Over many years Jaguar Cars changed shape and merged with other companies to continue their growth until 1990 when they were bought by the Ford Motor Company. Jaguar Cars went on to build cars for the British prime minister. Eventually, they were sold to Tata Motors along with another Ford-owned company, Land Rover. These two merged their facilities today as what we know to be Jaguar Land Rover. It only makes sense that Jaguar would keep adapting to their environment as necessary.

Jaguar Repairs

This leads to the current day Jaguar. All owners who enjoy the luxury of their automobiles may not be ready to swap to fully electric vehicles, but change is inevitable. If you own a Jaguar and need repairs, they will still be available especially at Rocco’s European Garage. We provide Jaguar repairs for the community in North Marietta, GA. Call us now at 404-948-5162 to schedule a service.

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