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Interesting Facts About BMW

A Car Manufacturer's History

As one of the largest vehicle manufacturers, BMW definitely has an interesting history to it. Whether you are a BMW loyalist or a potential customer, there are without a doubt many recirculating icons such as the logos on each BMW that can be explained by a historical significance. While waiting for BMW service, repairs, or purchases, here are some interesting facts that you may or may not have known about the company history of BMW.

The Origin of BMW

BMW originated from a plane engine building company. The B in their name stands for Bavarian, their hometown being Bavaria. This is also represented in their logo, which can be found on all of their cars by the design of the flag of Bavaria. The M in BMW used to be an F which represented the word for airplanes in German. After the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was no longer allowed to build warplanes so the industry of plane engine building took a hit. BMW swapped over to repairs and building of motor engines for cars, and switched to M for Motoren (engine). The W stands for works.

Architecture Meets Motorworks

The BMW headquarters in Germany is architecturally designed like an engine. There are four towers shooting out of the main building resembling a four cylinder engine. As an interesting metaphor, the employees who work there can be thought of as the fuel that keeps the business or engine running. It is certainly an interesting way to keep teamwork in the subconscious of your employees.

Leading the Green Movement

The first electric cars were actually built and presented by BMW in 1972. It was more of a display of engineering because their product was not very marketable--charging was not exactly convenient. This was very important to American interests as it was around the time of the OPEC embargo on American energy.

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