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In Case You’re Wondering . . . 5 Difficult Mechanical Auto Repairs

Dedication, Determination

All vehicles eventually need repair, and some mechanical remedies are more difficult to perform than others. You may have even heard some people comment that European cars are hard to work on. We'll share some of the five most commonly named difficult mechanical repairs, but you don't have to worry. You can always count on the ASE-certified technicians at Rocco's European Garage (East Cobb County location) in Marietta, Georgia, for all your European import maintenance and repair needs.

Those Pesky Five

First, relax a little. Your European beauty's repair job is not too much for us to handle. We have plenty of experience as well as all the right tools and equipment. That said, perhaps you're wondering what most technicians say are the most aggravating repair jobs. Let's start with the obvious--engine replacement. That's just what it sounds like. If the wear or damage is extensive enough, you may be better advised to replace your car's engine rather than attempt a repair. It's difficult not only because your mechanic(s) literally has to remove one engine and install another but also because all the other components have to match and connect. If your automobile is older--and it may be if you need a whole new engine--that may take some finessing as models vary slightly over time.

Another complicated job is transmission repair. Unfortunately, it's made worse when people wait to seek repairs because they fear the expense. This usually leads to more damage, more work, and more money. Along that line of thought, a clutch repair is complex, too. That's because the transmission has to be removed to access it. Spark plugs are sometimes troublesome to change. The good news is that they are not very expensive parts to replace. The bad news is that in some models, they're lodged in areas that are very hard to reach. The specific vehicle model and location of the spark plugs dictate the depth of this particular task. Finally, some auto air conditioner repairs are complicated. Depending upon the problem, the area your technician needs to access may be wound up in what seems to be a ball hidden behind the dash.

Your European Enthusiast "Family"

Regardless of whether you need simple preventive maintenance services, diagnostics, or major repairs, you've got "family" in the business to help you out. When we opened our first location in 2009, we focused on European import auto repair. Further, we made a commitment to treat every automobile as if it were our own. Therefore, you can feel great about having fellow European enthusiasts at Rocco's European Garage repair your beloved auto.

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